Lawyer “pie-eaters” wants a general pardon for coronaboetes

The Ministry of Justice and Security is examining a request for coronavirus fines to be waived. That’s what the lawyer of four fined persons says, who wrote a letter to the minister last week.

As far as we know, it is the first time since the fuss over Minister Grapperhaus, who had not complied with the coronavirus rules at his wedding, that a request for remission is being considered. A spokesman for Minister Grapperhaus tells the ANP press agency that the ministry only sent an acknowledgement of receipt of the request to the lawyer. “A substantive response will follow,” she says


It concerns a Rotterdam couple and the parents of the man, who ate a pastry together outside in May, as Rijnmond reported. Two Boa’s wrote out fines; later it turned out to be four hundred euros per person.

They were probably fined for allegedly gathering in the open air, wrote lawyer Frank van Ardenne. “While these four people were eating a pie at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other and the regulations on this point were and are completely unclear.”

General pardon

The lawyer argues, among other things, that the fines, also in view of Grapperhaus’ wedding party, are “inexplicable and unjustifiable”.

He therefore asks for a general pardon for anyone who has been fined for allegedly violating coronavirus rules, and for dismissing or revising these cases.