Lawyer sucks with approved goal: ‘Ferry man is so honest to admit it! ‘

Feyenoord-trainer Dick Lawyer saw his team Wednesday with 4-3 losses at sc Heerenveen and fetched afterwards on the arbitration. The 3-3 of Heerenveen was approved, despite an alleged violation of Henk Veerman on keeper Nick Marsman.

Benjamin Nygren headed the ball into the goalmouth and finally got the hit to his name, after Marsman โ€” somewhat hindered by Veerman โ€” got wrong. Lawyer thought that hit should have been rejected. โ€œThats what he says himself, the boy (Veerman, red.) He says to his fellow players: well, its really not going to be approved. That boy is still so honest to admit it!โ€ , said De Kleine Generaal during the press conference.
However, the VAR did not intervene, but had recited arbitrator Siemen Mulder earlier in the second half: he saw Marsman stop a penalty from Joey Veerman, but wanted to take it over because the goalkeeper would have left his line too early. โ€œWhoever came up with that rule… โ€œ, let Lawyer know. โ€œWhen a goalkeeper keeps a ball like that, youre not gonna whistle because hes taken a step too far, are you? Then you have to shoot him in the other corner. How can you come up with the idea of changing that?โ€
However, the lawyer did not want to put the blame fully in the arbitration. โ€œAbandoned by the VAR? Well, Im not saying that. We have not done ourselves any service either.โ€