Lawyer tips Schreuder: The choice doesnt seem that difficult to me at all

Advice from Dick Advocaat for Alfred Schreuder: if it‘s up to him, Steven Berghuis will now play in the right-hand position at Ajax. Lawyer knows Berghuis well from his time at Feyenoord.
It doesn’
t work at Ajax, that much is clear. “The big problem with all top teams is that there has been a lot of turnover. Berghuis came from Feyenoord to Ajax, which already had an excellent right-winger”, Veronica Offside Attorney refers to Antony. “So they don‘t have them now, but Berghuis scored 35 goals at Feyenoord in two years. Then the choice isn’t that difficult, right?”
“He did a great job behind the rush hour, but then there was a good right winger. Then why don‘t you put it there? It’s a great player, you just don‘t have to put him on the line, but give him a little more freedom. Exactly the same for Tadic: as a striker, he did a great job in the European competitions. You can’t tell me that‘s suddenly gone, can you? I don’t think the choice is difficult for a trainer at all.”
“I also think Berghuis is a very good player, but especially in the Netherlands. In European competitions, he falls short of action speed,” says Wim Kieft.