Lawyers Saïd Razzouki lay down defense

The lawyers of Saïd Razzouki, Nico Meijering and Christian Flokstra have resigned the defence. Lawyer Meijering confirms that when asked, but does not mean what the reason is.

Saïd Razzouki is one of the main suspects in the Marengo mega-trial, which deals with multiple liquidations and attempts to do so in the criminal circuit. He is considered the right-hand man of Ridouan Taghi and is prosecuted for running a criminal organization with Taghi that committed murders.

In February last year, Razzouki was arrested in the Colombian city of Medellin. Since then, in anticipation of his extradition to the Netherlands, he has been behind bars. According to, Razzouki would have refused to be heard through a video link this week. His lawyers complained earlier at introductory hearings in Marengo about the flawed way Razzouki could prepare for trial in his Colombian cell.

The substantive examination of the criminal case would begin on Monday 15 February. Last week, the court decided to postpone the case for at least a month, in connection with corona. The extra secure court in Amsterdam Osdorp is small, while in Marengo there are 17 suspects who have 17 lawyers.

The court did hold on to the court days in March. What is the result of the decision of Meijering and Flokstra on the progress of the process is not yet clear.