Lead Xbox Series Engineer Speakers About Upcoming Updates for Consoles

As part of the official Xbox podcast, Series X lead engineerS Jason Ronald spoke about the upcoming updates for new generation consoles. Ronald noted that after the release of the Xbox Series last November, the team went on a long rest, which became the opportunity to listen to feedback from the player community. Now the team is back and ready to release a series of updates.

For example, at the launch of new generation consoles, developers had to disable Quick Resume in some games. The team is working hard to turn the feature back on, and is also looking into player complaints about disabling the controller.

In addition, in the coming months, developers plan to update the Xbox mobile app, adding achievements, for example, and Xbox Series users are waiting for improvements regarding broadcasts and DVR. More on Google Gambling: more than 100 games will be released on Stadia in 2021 The number of simultaneous Valheim players on the weekend exceeded 365 thousand Valheim, Tale of Immortal and Nioh 2 โ€” the leaders of the fresh Steam chart.