Leader Gang of Venlo stays in the cell

Frenkie P., leader of the infamous Gang of Venlo, stays in jail.

The 47-year-old Limburger recently brought an interlocutory action against the state. He wants to prepare himself for a return to society, despite his life sentence. But the judge feels that this is out of the question.

P. was sentenced to life imprisonment for multiple murders in 1996. Together with a number of other teenagers he sowed death and destruction in and around Venlo in the early 90s. P. has denied most of the crimes and still does.

According to 1Limburg, he thinks that this denial – the fact that he still does not take responsibility for his actions – is being used against him. And that he is therefore not (yet) allowed to participate in a resocialisation trajectory – a trajectory to get used to society again.

Future plans

Today, the court mainly points out that P. did not or hardly cooperate in investigations into his personality.

“In particular, a negative advice was given because P. was reluctant to talk about himself, his social network and his plans for the future during the investigation by the Pieter Baan Centre and the probation service”, according to the judge. “As a result, the investigations were limited and the investigators were unable to comment on the presence or absence of a personality disorder and the likelihood of recurrence”

Within two years it will be tested again whether P. can be admitted to a resocialisation programme. This is done by the Advisory Board for Lifelong Punishments,