Leading football clubs open Super League – it could affect FIFA from EA

Immediately 12 leading football clubs in Europe announced the formation of the closed Super League. Continued. The head of UEFA has announced that players from the Super League will be banned from playing at the organisations championships in Europe and the world.

In his opinion, they are trying to become famous, but โ€œthe wrong wayโ€. The reason was the conflict between the clubs and organizers of the Champions League regarding the future of the sport.

The first want to change the rules of the competition, improve the quality of matches and find additional finances for the whole industry, but this does not coincide with the vision of the second. coexist with the Champions League and the Europa League, but now UEFA is ready to completely ban all Super League teams from participating in all their championships.

The following teams were organised by the Super League: Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Atlรฉtico, Chelsea, Barcelona & raquo;, Inter, Juventus, Manchester City, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Tottenham. But the list plans to expand.

It is not yet known how the incident may affect the upcoming FIFA 22 โ€” maybe EA will have to remove the listed teams. The publisher has not yet commented on the situation.

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