Leading Xbox Series engineer clarified that Boost FPS will not be able to implement in all games

In an interview with the official Xbox podcast, Series X lead engineerS Jason Ronald clarified that FPS Boost will not be able to implement in all games. Recall that FPS Boost is an initiative in which Xbox One games will receive increased frame frequency on Xbox Series. Last week, FPS Boost implemented in five games including Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4 and Sniper Elite 4.

We have many more titles that are in development and testing right now, and we We will continue to release even more games in the coming months. Unfortunately, this technique does not work in all titles.

In some cases, the way in which the game was originally written. .

. When we did some testing of some of these games, we saw that the animation works twice as fast or physics works twice as fast.

Jason RonaldAccording to Ronald, for FPS Boost developers is critical to preserve the original intent of the creators. Microsoft works with developers and publishers to make sure that after implementing FPS Boost, the game still matches what they originally planned.

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