League of Legends authors revealed abilities of new champion Vex

Riot Games unveiled a fresh trailer dedicated to Vex, the new League of Legends champion. Vex is a depressive yordle that plays an important role in Viego‘s story. She helps the Fallen King cross Runeterra, after which she gets the task of scouting shards with fragments of Isolde’s life.

The roller demonstrates the playing style of the new champion and his abilities. Vex uses Shadow Magic, which allows her to be carried across the map and control the enemy, as well as summon shadowy creatures to help.

It also has large projectiles, Clouds of Desperation, and a shield that becomes inactive during the attack. Vex plan to add to League of Legends in September, after the eventโ€ Guardians of Light,โ€ but there is no more accurate information yet.

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