League of Legends Final Episodes of Arcane Released on Netflix

The animated series Arcane, set in the League of Legends universe and tells about new and familiar characters, reached the final today – Neftlix has three the final episode of the show (previously shared by the service with their teaser): The Savior Boy; Oil and Water; The Monster You Created. Recall, the first three episodes of โ€œArcaneโ€ were released on November 7, topping the tops Netflix views in 38 countries, followed by 4-6 episodes on November 13, and Forbes noticed that the animated series is already leading in 52 countries. More on Gambling Netflix viewers watched more than 100 million hours of Russian films Interplay and Passion Pictures are working on an animated series about Jim the Worm Netflix premiered โ€œCowboy Bebopโ€ and Amazons Wheels of Time.