League of Legends will have challenges and a separate rank for singles

Riot Games shared plans to support League of Legends. The company announced that it would like to introduce Solo Only Mode, in which single players will be able to show themselves. This mode should solve the problems of matchmaking and the quality of the ranked queue.

For example, the developers will make changes to the algorithms of all queues so that MMR after a long period of absence will be more match the actual skill level, and the rate of rating reduction varied depending on the situation. In addition, the impact of the flexible queue will be changed.

This means that players with high and low MMR used to form groups to artificially increase their rating. Currently, top tier holders can only play between themselves.

There will also be challenges in the game. It is likely that work on them will be completed by the release of the 12.

9 update, which will be released on May 11. Valve began to collect information about bugs that need to be fixed in Dota 2.

runes for Elden Ring – with their help you can quickly upgrade Agony Unrated will be rereleased as a free DLC to the original game.