Leak on stranded oil tanker Sri Lanka poem

The leak from the oil tanker stranded off the coast of Sri Lanka has been plugged. A second fire broke out on the New Diamond this week. It was feared that there would be major environmental damage if the fuel were to end up in the sea.

According to the Sri Lankan navy, divers managed to close the fuel leak. It is said that no crude oil was discharged into the sea; diesel was leaked. This led to a 2 kilometre diesel track in the Indian Ocean.

A Dutch salvage company helped with the operation. According to the company, the oil tanks remained intact and they are looking into what should happen to the tanker.

It is not clear whether the danger to the environment has now definitively disappeared. Just to be on the safe side, the Sri Lankan navy, the Indian coastguard and other boats involved in the extinguishing operations are staying close to the ship for the time being.

Up to two fires

More than a week ago a fire broke out on the New Diamond. It seemed to have been extinguished until new flames came out of the tanker on Tuesday. A day later that fire was extinguished as well.

The first time it went wrong when a fire started in the engine room. One crew member was killed, another was injured. The rest of the crew could disembark unharmed. A few days later the fire flared up again due to the high temperatures and the strong wind.

During those fires, a number of tanks filled with oil also burst, as a result of which an as yet unknown quantity of fuel ended up in the sea.

The New Diamond sailed under the Panamanian flag and has some 2 million barrels of oil on board. The ship is 83 kilometres off the coast of Sri Lanka.