Leak: Size of Square Enixs “Guardians of the Galaxy” on PS5 and pre-boot start date

PlayStation Game Size Twitter-account shared information about the size of Square Enix‘s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game on PlayStation 5 — only 41. 2GB (no patch of the first day) . Compared to the publisher’s other large-budget projects, this is a very modest size.

For example, the PS4‘s Final Fintasy VII Remake was larger than 100 GB and Avengers was 74 GB (the Xbox weighs even more — 104 GB) . Also, along with The size of the Guardians of the Galaxy file leaked the pre-download date.

Players who pre-order digital editions will be able to start downloading on October 24. The Guardians of the Galaxy was first announced during E3 2021, and is due to be released on October 26 PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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