Leaked: Burning Crusade Classic and Chains of Domination announce at BlizzCon

Blizzard accidentally sent out a number of resources a press set related to the upcoming BlizzConline show, which will take place on February 20-21. Thanks to this, upcoming announcements related to both versions of World of Warcraft became known in advance. And theres a lot of spoilers in them! World of Warcrafts next major content patch: Shadowlands will be named Chains of Domination, โ€œChains of Dominationโ€.

Despite the fact that in the first raid sire Denatrius came off the stage, the threat did not pass, because the Jailer and Sylvana still own the womb and control the stocks of mana. Heroes of the Horde and Alliance have to start campaign to unite the forces of the four covenants.

With their help, it will be possible to penetrate the plans of the Jailer. And hinder this will be called by Sylvana a new terrifying champion.

And hes familiar to us. Careful, spoiler! There will be a new region in Utrobe: The Jailer pulled a fragment of the long-lost ancient Cortia, the City of Mysteries, there.

Players there are waiting for new tasks and classes. And in the Dark Lands, a new mega-dungeon, the secret market of Thazavesh brokers, will open.

In it we will fight eight bosses for rare artifacts of Azerot. Raiders will get to the new Sanctum of Domination dungeon with ten bosses.

In the raid we are waiting for a fight with the Banshee Queen herself, as well as the Eye of the Jailer and Tarragr, an old acquaintance of the conquerors of Torgasta. In the second raid season we are waiting for a lot of innovations and changes.

In particular, there will be new sets of cosmetic covenant armor suitable for any class, mounts and pets and medium. And most importantly: the opportunity to unlock flights in the possession of covenants.

What this will take while it remains a mystery. Fans of the classic version of World of Warcraft will also not be left without attention.

For them, once again, the Dark Portal will open, leading to the Outland, to fight with the Burning Legion. The content will be entered in stages, as in the original game.

Before the release of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, all players will be able to decide whether to send them their heroes to the Outland or continue play in the original classic version. For the second case, new Classic Era servers will be opened.

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