Leaked: New Tales From The Borderlands will be released on October 21

The release date of the new part of Tales From The Borderlands appeared online ahead of time – according to the games Amazon pages, it will be released on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC on October 21. And its simply called: New Tales from the Borderlands. Recall that the game was announced this spring – the project is being carried out by the Gearbox studio, which originally created the Borderlands universe.

At that time, it was only known that the game would be released this year and would be presented in the summer. Apparently, this is one of the surprises promised by Jeff Keely of the gamescom 2022 opening ceremony.

Recently, plot details and other details of New Tales from the Borderlands surfaced on the Internet, and IMDA Singapore appropriated the project is rated โ€œ18+โ€ for severe violence, cruelty and foul language. Game coverMore on CCeit Gamescom 2022 will show the gameplay of Telltales novelty on Gotham Expansion Knights went to gold – the main part of the development is completed Trophies of the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake appeared on the network.