Lebanon cabinet formation failed: Prime Minister resigns

After a month in office, Lebanese Prime Minister Mustapha Adib resigned. At that time, he did not manage to form an independent business cabinet. The main stumbling block was the Shiite parties, who wanted to supply the Minister of Finance once again.

He says he is leaving because the kind of cabinet he wanted to form was โ€œdoomed to failโ€ and that he considers preserving national unity important.

Hellish task

At the end of August, he was elected with broad support from religious parties after Prime Minister Diab resigned following the massive explosion in the port of Beirut. In addition, nearly 200 people died, thousands were injured and billions of billions of damage were done.

Adib had been given the hellish task of carrying out economic and political reforms in the country, which was already experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis, political tensions and the coronapandemic. Something his predecessors couldnt have succeeded in.