Lebanontribunal threatens to disappear due to financial distress, ongoing cases in jeopardy

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in Leidschendam threatens to have to stop all work from next August due to a lack of money. Thats why the tribunal is ringing the bell now.

The United Nations has been informed by the Special Court of the financial need. Just over half of the money comes from donations from countries, the rest is paid by Lebanon. That country has been in a severe economic crisis for over a year and a half, and cannot make its contribution.

โ€œ Despite all the measures we have taken, such as firing people and keeping costs to a minimum, we risk closing the doors,โ€ says driver David Tolbert. The Tribunal hopes for a solution so that justice and answers can be found for the victims and families of terrorism in Lebanon.

Without money, ongoing cases do not threaten to be dealt with, such as the appeal against three suspects who have been acquitted of involvement in the attack on former Prime Minister Hariri. Another suspect was found guilty last year.

Employees of the Lebanon Tribunal have already taken precautions so that sensitive information does not appear on the streets should the court disappear.