Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page (76) considering comeback

Although the coronapandemic has major consequences for the music industry, the crisis has led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page to think about a comeback. The 76-year-old guitarist is considering performing again as soon as the weather is possible.

โ€œ When we first went into lockdown, I thought, โ€œOkay, now is the time to think about ever returning and performing,โ€ says Page to GQ magazine. He emphasizes that cancelling concerts around the world in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus has strengthened his conviction that music means nothing without live appears.

โ€œ Its such a sad and desperate time. What this virus has done internationally with families, the arts and everything we love and dear to us, the whole concert situation… It worries me. I will never record anything on my own and forward that file for someone else to finish it. I went into the music to play together. We have to play with people. We need gigs. Without it, music means nothing.โ€

He also argues that it is important for young musicians to play live. โ€œWhen we were young, we all had these little gigs hoping to eventually play in a bigger venue. Its such an important part. For me, its always been the most important thing.