Left wing leader protest movement Boric wins Chile presidential election

In Chile, the leader of the coalition of left parties Gabriel Boric won the presidential election. His right-wing populist rival Josรฉ Antonio Kast has admitted his defeat. With more than 90 percent of the votes counted, Boric has 56 percent of the vote, compared with 44 percent for Kast.

Kast congratulated Boric by phone on his โ€œbig triumphโ€. Boric supporters then gathered in the center of capital Santiago to celebrate victory. In a television address, Boric said he wants to be a president for all Chileans.

Boric (35) presented himself as the candidate of the protest movement in the elections. Where Kast (55) is considered extremely conservative, Boric, as a progressive candidate, promised change in the country, where millions of people took to the streets out of dissatisfaction with inequality.

The first round of the elections did not yield a winner at the end of last month. Kast then reached 28 percent of the vote, compared with 25 percent for Boric. Neither of them achieved a two-thirds majority, which required a second round.