“Legacy of Jupiter” released on Netflix — critics didnt like the series

On Netflix, the new superhero series The Legacy of Jupiter by Mark Millars comic book premiered — critics scores leave much to be desired. The story tells about the offspring of the first generation of superheroes who began to save the world in the past. The characters expect their children to be as brave as they once were themselves, but instead the characters become participants in scandals and do not cope with responsibility at all.

The show is available with dubbing and Russian subtitles. At the moment, the series has 50% of freshness on Rotten Tomatoes according to 8 reviews and 77% of viewers (22 reviews) – however, it is unlikely that the latter have already managed to watch the season.

According to critics, the first season resembles a prologue to a more interesting story, and the plot itself excessively resembles its neighbors in the superhero genre. Some felt that such a story simply came out too late.

Another part of critics and viewers scolds the low quality of graphics in the project. Among the pros, some call costume designs, acting and the potential of the universe, where more interesting stories can be told.

But whether the series will reach this — it is not yet clear. No more on Gambling Valve does not conduct dialogues with players for quality reviews – players disagree In Resident Evil Village could appear Ada Wong Players Forza Horizon 4 can not appear enter the game after the last update.