Legendary and Warner Bros. officially announce ‘Dune’ sequel

As previously predicted by insiders, Legendary has finally officially announced the sequel to Denis Villeneuves โ€œDuneโ€, due for release on October 20, 2023. The studio thanked the fans who appreciated the first film, as well as those who are just going to see the film in the future. The exact details of the sequel have not yet been named, but it is safe to assume that all the main cast members of the first tape will return in the sequel.

Director Denis Villeneuve thanked the fans and team of the first film who helped him make such a dream come true. โ€œThis is just the beginning,โ€ he added.

The first picture has so far grossed $223 million in worldwide distribution. The second part will be released only in movies, and there will be no release on HBO Max in style of the first More on Gamemania Dead by Daylight added James and Pyramidheads new look โ€œHope Makes You Weakโ€: Halo Infinites new Season of Wrath trailer โ€” HITMAN III authors talk about new chapter and free content.