Legions of Monsters and Chris Pratt in New ‘Future Wars’ Trailer

The final trailer for โ€œFuture Warโ€ about the battles of humans versus monsters with Chris Pratt (โ€œGuardians of the Galaxyโ€) in the title role appeared on the network. The story tells of time travelers who come for reinforcements in the past โ€” it turns out that in 2051 humanity loses the battle for Earth to aliens, and fighters need reinforcements. A regular teacher (Pratt) goes to the future โ€” he starts working together with his father (J.

TO. Simmons) and a scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) to stop the threat and save the future.

It was directed by Chris McKay (โ€œLego Film: Batmanโ€) and the screenplay was written by Zack Dean (โ€œBlackbirdโ€). The action film will premiere on Amazon Prime as early as July 2.

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