LEGO has made its internal gaming studio independent

Studio Light Brick, which was originally opened as the LEGO Group‘s internal studio, became independent. This was made possible following an investment by the LEGO Ventures division. โ€œLiberationโ€ of the studio is the first case of similar cooperation between LEGO Group and LEGO Ventures.

Light Brick Studio released the adventure platform puzzle Builder’s Journey. The game was released in Apple Arcade in December 2019 and allows you to build fantastic objects from Lego cubes.

Becoming independent, Danish studio Light Brick will continue to cooperate with LEGO Group, but will be at the same time engage in other projects in which fun is combined with educational mechanics. LEGO Ventures attributes its move to believe in the team‘s talent and wants to help the studio develop and expand by pushing the framework of the LEGO idea.

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