Leiden maker coronavaccin asks US for accelerated approval

Pharmaceut Janssen Biotech from Leiden has requested permission from the US pharmaceutical authority to place its coronavaccin on the market. This was announced by the American parent company Johnson & Johnson (J&J). This is an application for an accelerated approval of the vaccine with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Janssen reported last week on the basis of tests that their coronavaccine provides 66 percent protection against the coronavirus. That is lower than with other means. The already approved vaccines from PFIZER/BionTech and Moderna provide approximately 90 percent protection according to tests.

Once approved by the FDA, the delivery of the vaccines can begin immediately, says Scientific Director Paul Stoffels of Johnson & Johnson. In August, the United States signed a contract for the supply of 100 million doses of the Janssen vaccine.

EU agreement

also the European Union has agreed on the delivery of 200 million doses of the vaccine as soon as it has proven to be safe and effective against Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. More than 11 million of these doses have been ordered by the Netherlands. Johnson & Johnson expects to apply for a licence for the use of the vaccine from the European Medicines Agency EMA in the coming weeks.

Although Janssens coronavaccin generally provides less protection than PFIZER/BionTech and Moderna vaccines, Johnson & Johnson provides complete protection against hospitalisation or death from Covid-19. Dutch manufacture as an advantage that only one inoculation is enough for protection. For vaccination with the vaccines from PFIZER/Biontech, Moderna and AstraZeneca, two pricks must be made.