Leiden researcher: take measures against Chinese influence

Although the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) do not yet have much influence in our country, there is already a basis for this. It is therefore necessary to take measures now to limit this influence exerted on and through the Chinese community in our country. This is stated in the report Chinas influence and the Chinese community in the Netherlands by Frank Pieke of the LeidenAsiaCentre and the University in Leiden.

Overseas Chinese are increasingly seen as part of the Chinese nation and an advantage that can be used abroad by the Chinese government and the CCP, writes Pieke. โ€œMore direct influence by the Peoples Republic of China is also exerted on the official Chinese student organisation.โ€

The Peoples Republic also leaves a clear mark on the Chinese language media in the Netherlands, saw the professor of China Studies. โ€œThis leaves little room for opinions or activities that do not fit into the Orthodoxy of the Peoples Republic.โ€ Those who pursue unfortunate goals of the Chinese Government, such as, for example, supporters of the demonstrations in Hong Kong, have, according to his conclusions, โ€œmuch more directly to the long arm of the Chinese government in the form of intimidation or reprisals or fears of them.โ€

However, the Chinese authorities grip on Chinese social media seems to be insignificant. But โ€œfreedom, security and space for the formation and expression of opinion for all Chinese and Chinese Dutch living in the Netherlands must be assured. The Chinese communities must be more closely bound to Dutch society.โ€

Help Chinese community

Pieke recommends reviving the dialogue between the Dutch government and representatives of the Chinese communities in the Netherlands. He also advocates for teaching materials tailored to the Netherlands for Chinese-speaking out-of-school education and for example more care and legal assistance especially for Chinese Dutch people.

He also believes that there should be clear rules for the activities of members of the CCP in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he likes to see Chinese language media that are independent of China, such as perhaps even a Dutch broadcasting agent with a Chinese or Asian signature and Chinese-language coverage by Dutch media providers.

Pieke also thinks it is wise to set up a monitoring and warning system for Chinese influence and influence in the Netherlands.

In 2019, 37,000 people lived in our country who still had Chinese nationality. The number of people with Chinese roots is much greater.