‘Leipzig doubts about Vluiver’

RB Leipzig still doubts whether the Justin Kluivert will definitively take over from AS Roma. According to BILD there are no doubts about the technical qualities of the 21-year-old Dutchman, but his unsporting behaviour bothers Die Roten Bullen.
Kluivert recently stated in the Algemeen Dagblad that he wants to stay with Leipzig. BILD knows that the Bundesliga top club also sees a lot of potential in the wing attacker, but then he needs to improve his behavior. The many schwalbes of Kluivert they are more than tired of within the club, it sounds. Also because of this, Leipzig still hesitates whether it would like to highlight the purchase option in the lease deal with Roma.
The club leadership already had a conversation with the Jong Orange player to point him out his responsibilities. He was told that Leipzig believes in him and sees a lot of talent in him, but that he must โ€œrefrain from actingโ€. Technical director Markus Krรถsche does not want to confirm that lecture. โ€œFirst of all, Justin is not an actor. Hes a very honest player.โ€
BILD nevertheless emphasizes that Kluivert has until the end of the season to show improvement. If he also becomes more constant, there is still a very real chance that Leipzig will take him over from Roma for allegedly EUR 10 million. In 2017, the Italians paid 17 million to Ajax for the left outside.
โ€œJustin has done well so far in the competitions in which he was deployed,โ€ explains Krรถsche. โ€œWe are currently in the middle of the team planning process for the coming season. Justin Kluivert is one of the many building blocks. We approach this process calmly, it will take a while before we make a decision.โ€