‘Lenderink is on money, Ajax threatens to grab next to Wijndal and Brobbey’

Ajax-watcher Mike Verweij sees an important role for financial director Susan Lenderink for the upcoming transfer period. Ajax is interested in the pricey trio Steven Bergwijn, Owen Wijndal and Brian Brobbey and the CCEIT journalist wonders how far Ajax can and will go, financially.
Ajax failed to take over Bergwijn from Tottenham Hotspur in January: The Cceit already pointed to Lenderink‘s strict budget management, which prevented then-football affairs director Marc Overmars from paying the top prize for Bergwijn. Susan Lenderink had Marc Overmars in the grip and now she has Hamstra and Huntelaar (Gerry and Klaas-Jan, who are now planning the sporting policy, ed.). She is also on the money at Wijndal. In itself that is good, she has to assess what can and cannot be done. But as a result, Ajax threatens to seize alongside Wijndal and Brobbey. That would be very annoying for Alfred Schreuder, Verweij refers to the new head coach of Ajax in the Kick-Off Football Podcast.
The trees are currently not growing into the sky at Ajax. Overmars gave Ten Hag an incredible amount of back cover and Hamstra and Huntelaar cannot do that at the moment. They can be amazed, you know. And soon will ensure that Brobbey, Wijndal and Bergwijn will still come. But they have to do something.
The Brobbey issueIn the case of Brobbey, already rented from RB Leipzig for the past six months, still plays a role that Ajax should pay the top prize for a self-trained player. There is a lot of interest in that, if I understand it correctly. And that could be a risk. Leipzig is also quite high in the tree, in terms of asking price. So that is a dilemma for Ajax: a boy they trained themselves and costs a huge amount. Of course, that is not pleasant, that he runs away to Leipzig for zero euros and has to be bought back for a hefty amount.
There may be an opening when Eredivisie top scorer Sébastien Haller leaves. I think Ajax is currently waiting for Haller to leave: then it’
s no problem, then they just pay that sum for Brobbey. Otherwise, they will have to be very inventive, then they will have to offer a lower base amount to Leipzig, high resale rate.