Lenderink reassures Ajax fans: Dont worry, expectations are positive

Financial director Susan Lenderink has explained Ajaxs annual results. The Amsterdammers suffered a significant loss over the 2021/22 season, but according to Lenderink, there is no reason to worry.
Ajax suffered a total loss of 24.3 million euros, which is certainly very substantial for Amsterdam standards. โ€œIt wasn
t a good year financially,โ€ Lenderink tells the club channels. โ€œWe ended the year with a loss that is significantly greater than the previous year. That has everything to do with the corona measures, which we also had to deal with last season. We played a total of twelve duels with a limited or no audience. That has a negative impact on our income.โ€
The costs of Ajax have also increased. Lenderink explains how that is possible. โ€œThats in the salary costs. These are the fixed costs to the players, but also the premiums we paid after achieving the European successes. We also had to deal with higher match costs, because not all duels were played without an audience anymore.โ€
โ€œThere is certainly no cause for concernโ€, the financial director of Ajax is then clear. โ€œEven after the addition of this loss, we still have a solid equity. In addition, the expectations are positive: we are also participating in the Champions League this year and we have seen that the transfer market has awakened. Partly thanks to the investments from the Premier League, we made major transfers in the past window. Partly on this basis, we expect to end with a positive net result in the 22/23 season.โ€
Finally, Lenderink also wants to talk about another topic. โ€œIt was an eventful year. This has to do with corona, but unfortunately also with the cross-border behavior that took place. Creating a safe sports and working environment is an absolute priority for us as a management team. We are also giving substance to that.โ€