Lens Island goes to Steam Early Access on November 5

Australian studio Flow has announced it will release its action-adventure action film with a life simulation of Len‘s Island to Steam early access on November 5. The game was priced at $25, but its regional price is not yet known. Work on Len’s Island began four years ago, first as a solo project by Julian Ball, founder of Flow Studio.

Last year, the game creators ran a successful campaign on Kickstarter. In the game, we have to build our dream home on a secluded island.

How we do this is up to us. You can choose a peaceful life, explore the world and cultivate your garden in a hurry, or go conquer dungeons and fight enemies.

Early access should be just the first stage of the game‘s development. A raft of new content is already planned for Len’s Island: quests, NPCs, dungeons, bosses, plot and mythology expansions, and more both farm and combat content.

And by 2023, a full-fledged online co-op is promised. More on Gamemania Gamedec authors talk about professions, deduction, and aspects The Alan Wake remaster will take out embedded Total War: Warhammer III ads postponed until 2022.