Less spinach on the shelves due to stormy weather

Do you need leaf spinach for a recipe? Then sometimes you have to go to a few shops. The heat earlier this month and downpours after that were in the way of the harvest, says the branch organisation GroentenFruit Huis.

“The weather led to too fast or no growth,” says director Richard Schouten. “It’s another indication that we’re dealing with a natural product.”

Supermarket chains recognize the situation. “It is there, but less than normal,” says a spokesperson for the CBL trade association. Besides spinach, there are also fewer other leafy crops on the shelves.

Temporary problem

The problem is temporary, the sector organisations stress. Spinach is growing relatively fast. “I think that new spinach can already be harvested that hasn’t suffered from the heat,” says Schouten.

Most of the leaf spinach is grown in the Netherlands. The failed harvests have no effect on the stock of frozen spinach, says GroentenFruit Huis. This has already been grown before and can be stored for longer, which means it can be sold throughout the year.