Lesson Learned is made under inspiration from “The Incredible Adventures of Bill and Ted”

MadGamesSmith, known for Gallic Wars and Bouncy Bob, has announced its new project, which is being created with the support of Gaming Factory. And at first glance, the Lesson Learned game looks a lot like Dont Starve. But the developers assure that they had another source of inspiration.

The creators of Lesson Learned wanted to make history lessons unusual, vivid and memorable, and to do so they came up with a journey through them. And it will be much the same as in the fantastic movie The Incredible Adventures of Bill and Ted starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.

Like Bill and Ted, well travel to different historical period, meeting famous people and defending themselves from detractors. Solo or co-op with friends, well gather resources, build defenses with towers, and use special skills in battles with different armies, from Roman Legionaries to Nazis.

Lesson Learned comes out 2022 first on the RS and then on the consoles. Their exact list has not yet been named.

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