Lets just celebrate carnival!

โ€œ Dont do it. Just dont do it now. Certainly not now that we are already so facing each other was the first thing that came to mind, when I learned from De Cceit that splinter groups of Kick Out Zwarte Piet in Limburg and Noord-Brabant will take action against certain carnival costumes.

Traditions are subject to change, and that is a good thing. All the more reason why, now that Carnival is approaching and Carnival Brabanders and Limburgers have to look at how their carnival party is not going on, not to mention that one precarious topic: that carnival would be racist, sexist and discriminatory.

Not of this time

Traditions are subject to change and carnival is. The realization that some expressions during a carnival parade are really no longer of this time has long penetrated the ranks of those who organize such a parade and are therefore long and wide forbidden. I dare to add to that: if they always werent.

Kick Out Zwarte Piet is now completely wrong when they think they should seize the opportunity to show what is apron to the moral awareness of all those Brabanders and Limburgers. Im Brabantse and I know what Im talking about. All my life, I have been fighting against the prejudice of people from above the Moerdijk – the Randstad say – that we are just drinking and cheating with carnival. That is not the case.

If there are tens of thousands of people on their feet to celebrate something, then sometimes a beer flies in too much and sometimes peed next to the pot. So also during carnival. The fact that we are now being put away as a bunch of rude stereotypical bastards is just not right.

Not carnival


Ive seen a lot of carnival parades in my life. What most of the cars and groups participating in it are De Augment, world politics and/or local affairs, which will be incomprehensible to people within the Randstad.

Any expression of racism or discrimination is prohibited because it is not regarded as carnivalesque. Havent I ever seen anyone dressed as an Indian hog before? Certainly. Havent I ever seen someone dressed as Pakistani supposedly selling roses? Didnt I ever see a fakir with a flying carpet? A dance marieke with obesity? Two Chinese with a drum and a flute? Women dressed as twig wives? A man dressed as Scotsman, including a kilt underneath all fake cocks that allowed one to swaff with for a fee? Support tractors who were looking for support everywhere? Bomb mothers with a whole childrens crowd around them? whether or not gearmed with a support puller? Yeah, I saw all that.


my life I saw during carnival how certain cultural traits were appropriated. How people strike the dragon with all kinds of identities, and then move on to the order of the day.

To now, in this time, when everyone craves some air, people are convinced that the appropriation of other identities during the carnival cannot pass through the brace, is asking for anger. Ask for polarization. That shift what can and what can not be done within the ranks of the carnival has been going on for a long time.

Please dont paint us like a bunch of idiots. You would rather focus on that one white Dutchman, who is adorned with dreadlocks โ€” speaking of appropriating another cultural identity โ€” gets masses of people after him and calls for opposition to the coronameasures or something. Or, for my part, make it clear to people that Buddha statues for ornamental purposes are no longer possible in this time. But now to put away carnival men as racist, sexist and discriminatory? Thats going too far for me right now.