Letsch also ‘evil’ after Vitesse stunt: ‘The angel and the devil keep me busy ‘

Thomas Letsch is happy and angry at the same time after Vitesse‘s stunt visiting Stade Rennais. The Arnhem mers managed to drag another point out of the fire late, but the German practice master saw that his team made some unnecessary mistakes.
Vitesse ended up playing 3-3 in France, so wintering in the Conference League is still possible. โ€œIt’
s incredible that we perform thisโ€, Letsch says afterwards by Omroep Gelderland. โ€œA game with a lot of goals. I‘m proud, but I’m also mad at the mistakes we‘re making tonight. โ€œ
โ€œAt first, you saw Rennes’
s qualities, full of speed and dynamics,โ€ Letsch continues. โ€œFortunately, we got better in the competition. The 2-0 was clearly offside I hear from everyone. But in the end, we also give away the ball ourselves. If we want to grow, those mistakes really need to come out.โ€
Letsch does think that Vitesse does not return to Arnhem with three points. โ€œSo it was possible to win here. It is now the angel and the devil who occupy me. Tomorrow morning (Friday, ed.) the angel will win it in my head. The mentality, character, resilience that we show in a fantastic entourage. This is a wonderful audience. But that makes me so proud.โ€