Letsch is out, Nijhuis is aware of no evil: ‘Never never penalty’

After the match against Sparta Rotterdam, Vitesse-trainer Thomas Letsch is absolutely unclear about the arbitration led by Bas Nijhuis. The practice master states that his team has been deprived of a clean penalty in the first half. Nijhuis disagrees with this.
Adil Auassar got the ball against his hands, which he had raised above his head at that time. Nijhuis saw it happen and let it continue, the VAR did not intervene. โ€œI‘m mad at the refereeโ€, begins Letsch in front of ESPN’s camera. โ€œWhen I see the pictures… It‘s a clear penalty, at a 0-0 position. Then the game can fall the other way. Of course I’m angrier at the team, but I don‘t understand this.โ€
Nijhuis disagrees with this. โ€œThe arm is above the body, the ball will definitely hit it. Auassar tries to turn away and has his arms above the body, he can’
t do anything about it. I never find this hand deliberately… The referee will say: this is hands. But for me, this was easy on the field. Allard Lindhout (the VAR, red.) thought exactly the same thing about it,โ€ says Nijhuis.
Sparta Rotterdam managed to pull the duel and took off with a 3-0 victory.