Leverkusen was very serious for Tagliafico, but he prefers Ajax

At Ajax, there may still be a few things that need to be done in terms of transfers. For backs Nicolás Tagliafico and Sergiño Dest there is dormant interest, while Carel Eiting is allowed to leave. The clubwatcher Mike Verweij of De CCeit tells us: What is very much in Ajax’s favour is that Ajax does not have to sell. Of course it had to in the past, says Verweij in the newspaper’s football podcast. If you now hear that Bayer Leverkusen was very serious for Tagliafico, but that Tagliafico prefers Ajax to Leverkusen, because Leverkusen cannot pay more salary and plays Europa League …’
Ajax is in a luxury position as a participant in the Champions League, with a lot of money on the bench, Verweij continues. Ajax doesn’t have to do anything and it’s very easy for them to say: you can leave, but only until that date, otherwise it will stop
Besides Tagliafico there is also some ‘rumbling’ around Dest. Bayern Munich and some other clubs. But that’s not very concrete yet, but there is some movement, says the clubwatcher, who confirms that the people of Amsterdam are demanding about 25 million euros for the right back.
Ajax wants to get rid of Eiting. That is a special story. He has been surpassed in midfield by a lot of players. About the whole Eredivisie has called for him, but he prefers to go abroad. That is his preference now, with the possibility that he may decide to stay in the Eredivisie before the end of the transfer market