Levi walks 160 kilometers to his grandmother

Levi of 12 has absolutely no boring spring break. He started on Saturday with a long walk from his house in Vlissingen to his grandmother in Vught. Thats a journey of more than 160 kilometers!

Levi started walking with his mother. He walks on average more than 20 kilometers a day, and at the end of the day he sleeps with his parents friends. Unfortunately, his mother was injured after 2 days. Thats why hes now walking with his father and his fathers friends.

Meanwhile it is fine to walk again, but that was different this weekend. Then it was frosty cold and there was still snow.

Levi doesnt walk just because he likes it. Hes also trying to raise money for the Elderly Fund. Meanwhile, there is already 1400 euros in. Levi hopes he will raise 2,000 euros. Levis grandmother is, of course, super proud of him.

Your opinion

What do you think of Levis challenge? Do you also like to do something sporty or is the holiday meant to rest?