Lewandowski gets ‘not warm’ from Messi suggestion: ‘Would he be sincere’

Robert Lewandowski is very disappointed that he grabbed next to the Ballon d‘Or last week. The Polish striker came second behind Lionel Messi. According to his own words, Lewandowski felt ‘helpless‘.
On Monday, the Bayern Munich goalscorer at Sportowy will respond to the Ballon d’
Or ceremony for the first time. โ€œI was sad, I won‘t deny that. I can’t say I was happy, I felt helpless. I was so close and competed with Messi…โ€
Lewandowski finds it special that he was allowed to compete for the golden ball with the Argentine vedette. โ€œI respect him, just like all the things he has accomplished. I think it‘s special at all that I was able to duel with him, but still I was pretty bad. It was good that we didn’t have a midweek game with Bayern that week.โ€
Messi came up with the idea to present the Ballon d‘Or of 2020 to Lewandowski anyway. According to the Paris Saint-Germain attacker, Lewandowski deserves the prize, which was not awarded by the corona pandemic. โ€œThat idea doesn’t really make me enthusiastic,โ€ says the 128-time international. โ€œI wish Messi to be sincere, not empty words.โ€