Lewis Hamilton escapes punishment for wearing a shirt with a striking message

The international motor sport federation FIA will not start proceedings against Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton after he wore a t-shirt at the GP of Tuscany on the circuit of Mugello with the message Arrest the policemen who killed Breonna Taylor.

An FIA spokesman confirmed to the BBC on Tuesday that no investigation would be launched, an option that had been considered the day before.

By wearing the t-shirt, Hamilton wanted to draw attention to the death of the black woman Breonna Taylor. She was shot by the police at her house in Kentucky in March.

The 35-year-old Hamilton, the only black driver in Formula 1, has become a lot more active in his activism against racism in recent months and also motivated the other F1 teams and drivers to speak out against injustice. The t-shirt could, however, go against the rules of the FIA, which does not allow politically charged messages, but the British are thus escaping sanction.

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka also stood up for Taylor after her final victory in the US Open last weekend. Hamilton called her an “inspiration” Sunday after the race, where he won the 90th GP of his career “Ive been wanting to raise awareness for some time now that people are being killed on the streets.”

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