Lewis Hamilton in eventful race in style to 7th world title, disappointing GP for Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) has won the Turkey Grand Prix and has become World Champion for the seventh time in his Formula One career. With this number, he equals the record of Michael Schumacher. Max Verstappen – partly by spinning twice – came only to sixth place on the circuit of Istanbul Park. Sergio Perez (Racing Point) became second, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) third.

Verstappen had a dramatic start – on the saiknatte circuit – and soon saw itself on P5. Hamilton, on the other hand, could look back on a great start, straight from P6 to P3. The Racing Points, Lance Stroll and Perez, drove first and second. In the meantime, Valtteri Bottas quickly spiked twice. Vettel also had a super start: from P11 he drove in third place, after a mistake by Hamilton. Verstappen also rushed past the Brit and hunted four times world champion Vettel.

After the first pit stops of all drivers in the front lines, Verstappen saw himself – despite a slow stop of four seconds – back on P3, just before Vettel. In the meantime, Hamilton tried to do it at Vettel, but he couldnt. In fact, Alexander Albon rushed past the Mercedes driver and a little later also with the German in the service of Ferrari. So the Red Bulls on P3 and P4, behind the Racing Points.

In round 18, after a mistake by Perez, Verstappen tried to pass the Mexican, but he was too close to him, causing the Dutchman to spin because of the lack of down force. It cost him a spot in the front field and fell back to P8.

Albon went to P3 because of the mistake of Verstappen and went to the hunt for Perez. However, the Thai Brit made a mistake in the 34th round and spined. Hamilton rushed past him. As a result, the world champion had already moved to the stage. With behind him already again: Verstappen.

Stroll went into the pit and fell back to P4, behind Perez, Hamilton and Verstappen. DRS was allowed again due to the weather conditions and Hamilton didnt let himself say that twice. In round 38 he drove just back in the lead, after having started on P6. Meanwhile, Strolls pit stop was a bad idea, because even due to tyre problems it fell back to P6, behind the Ferraris of Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Later even returned to the ninth position.

Bottas, who had a complete offday, was patched by his teammate from Mercedes. A painful moment for the Finn, who made Hamilton unnecessarily difficult. It created an imcomprehension gesture from the British. In the meantime, Verstappen was overtaken by Leclerc. The Dutchman immediately fired into the pits for new intermediates and fell back to P7, but quickly managed to catch up with Albon.

In the 51st round Verstappen spinned again. It was not a flawless race for the Dutchman, who managed to drive his Red Bull to sixth place.

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