Lewis Hamilton wins chaotic GP of Tuscany

By the time Max Verstappen had already left the track for more than two hours, Lewis Hamilton had triumphed during a bizarre Grand Prix in Tuscany. The race was stopped twice. Only twelve drivers made it to the finish.

In the early stages of the race the other rider, including Verstappen who had started from P3, dropped out. The 22-year old Dutchman left the circuit disillusioned within one lap. Just like last week at Monza, his car turned out to be out of order. About 150 metres went well, but when the throttle was full, there was no stopping it. A touch from Kimi Rรคikkรถnen was enough to end the race of the fast relapsed Verstappen. Pierre Gasly, last weeks winner at Monza, also fell victim to the early crash. “Ive had it for a while”, said Verstappen balding.

The safety car entered the track, but the misery was far from over. Antonio Giovinazzi gave too much towards the end of the safety-car situation and the gas on the straight ended not only his own race, but also that of Kevin Magnussen, Carlos Sainz and Nicholas Latifi. The red flag was flying, so a restart followed. After the restart, Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas continued to dominate.

The crash seemed to have happened for the rest of the race, but nothing else was true. In the 44th lap Lance Stroll crashed. He drilled his car into the pile of tyres. Because the drivers car had to be towed away from Racing Point, the race was stopped for the second time. Stroll was the eighth dropout. In between, the overheated car of Renaul driver Esteban Ocon had given way to it.

Hamilton let it all happen. With his victory, the Briton once again strengthened his leading position in the battle for the World Championship. Bottas continued on to Verstappen through his second place. Alexander Albon somewhat eased the pain for Red Bull. The 24-year-old Thai stayed ahead of Daniel Ricciardo in the battle for third place. Sergio Perez completed the top-ten.

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