LHV: vaccination of general practitioners will start this week

This and next week general practitioners will be vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, which reports the Dutch General Practitioners Association (LHV) in a statement. This is faster than expected and has to do with the rise of the British variant of the coronavirus. Other health care staff in GP care are likely to be vaccinated with the Astrazeneca vaccine in the second week of February.

The moment when general practitioners would be vaccinated has aroused a lot of discussion in recent weeks. General practitioners objected that many of them would not be vaccinated until February. General practitioners are at increased risk because they often come into contact with coronation patients. Last week, the LHV demanded from Minister De Jonge van Healthcare to make 15,000 Pfizer vaccines available to general practitioners and employees in general medical emergency care. The Young didnt want to take this back then.

Now he is gone, according to the statement drawn up with the Ministry of VWS, according to LHV. The Moderna vaccine was provided for by some of the general practitioners on 25 January. Due to the rapid emergence of the British variant of the coronavirus, it was agreed that all general practitioners should be vaccinated quickly. They have an important role in the governments vaccination strategy and must therefore be protected when the vaccine is administered.

Important Role

โ€œ With these forecasts and the pressure it puts on direct covid emergency care, it is very important that we can keep GPs emergency care upright. Precisely because of their important role in the vaccination strategy,โ€ said demissionary Minister of Health De Jonge in the press release of LHV.

15,000 general practitioners and emergency care workers will receive the Moderna vaccine this week and next week. After 28 days, a second prick follows. For the other 23,000 caregivers, the previous appointment with the Astrazeneca vaccine remains.