Life is Strange and prequel Before the Storm in autumn to get large-scale remaster

Square Enix together with Life is Strange: True Colors presented a large-scale remaster of the first part and the prequel Before the Storm – they will be released in the fall as part of a special compendition. Key innovation updated versions of both games will be a new animation – it is recorded from scratch with the help of full capture of movements, so it will become much more accurate. In the originals there were special problems with synchronization of speech and movements.

In addition, the overall level of graphics โ€” models of characters and environments, as well as lighting techniques, were significantly improved. In the rest, this is the former games.

The collection will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC – from September 10 it will be accessed by buyers of the ultimative edition Life is Strange: True Colors, and later the collection will be available for purchase separately. Owners of originals will have to buy the project separately – even without discount.

First part Before the Storm.