Life is Strange authors: True Colors led a tour of Raven Springs

The creators of Life is Strange: True Colors have released a new trailer for the future game. And it introduced one of the โ€œheroesโ€ of the emotional adventure: the small town of Raven Springs, lost in the mountains of Colorado. This is where the action of the game will unfold.

Our โ€œtour guideโ€ is Steph Gingrich, one of the secondary characters of the Before the Storm spin-off. In Raven Springs, she works as a DJ on local radio and is well acquainted with both the landmarks and the population of the town.

Despite its small size, the Caven Springs is teeming with interesting places. In addition to the radio station, we are shown the main street with shops and cafes, the Black Lantern bar with jukebox and arcade games, and an open-air venue for traditional Feast of Spring.

Life is Strange: True Colors is released on September 10, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Google Stadia. More on Gaming New Tales of Arise Trailer Dedicated to the Spirit of Adventure RiMs Racing Creators spoke about realism and performance Kitaria Fables Gameplay revealed in new trailer.