Life is Strange: True Colors Will Be Released on Nintendo Switch Digit on December 7

The creators of Life is Strange: True Colors, as promised, have named the exact release date of the adventure on Nintendo Switch – owners of the hybrid console will be able to learn the story of Alex Chen in a couple of weeks. December 7 (in figure). The game will be available on cartridges from February 25.

Life is Strange: True Colors is dedicated to a girl who, after a long separation, meets her brother who lives in a small but cozy town with his secrets. At the same time, Alex, the heroine, has the ability to see the true emotions of other people and can even read their thoughts.

This will help her a lot when her brother has a misfortune, and the girl decides to get to the truth. Recall, Life is Strange: True Colors was released on September 10 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and 20 days later the game received a prequel supplement about Steph Gingrich.

And in early February, the first part remasters and Before the Storm will be released. By the way, tonight the game was awarded for the best narrative at the Golden Joystick Awards 2021, where Resident Evil Village became the triumphant.

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