Life sentence for Libyan stabbing three people to death in Reading

A Libyan asylum seeker who stabbed three people to death in a park in Reading, UK in June 2020 has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Three people were seriously injured during the attack.

Khairi Saadallah (26) had a blade with a 20-centimeter blade when he attacked a group of seven friends on June 20, 2020. The judge spoke of a terrorist attack, which was so โ€œfast, brutal and ruthless,โ€ that the victims had no chance.

The attack happened on a hot summer night in Forbury Gardens. It was busy in the park because the lockdown rules were just relaxed.


Eyewitnesses say that at the attack he called โ€œAllahoe akbarโ€ (God is great). He also later told the police that what he had done was โ€œjihadโ€ and that he would therefore go to paradise. In the trial, Saadallah declared himself guilty. His lawyers argued that he was suffering from mental illness and that he did not want to commit acts of terror.

The judge did not believe this, among other things because Saadallah was a member of the Islamic militia Ansar al Sharia, an now banned terrorist group. Since his arrival to Britain in 2011, he had been sentenced six times for various offences, including violent crimes.

Also, the police found all kinds of extremist material on his phone. Furthermore, it appears that he explored the park three days before the deadly stabbing.