Life sentence for man who drove into pedestrians in Trier in 2020

The man who drove into pedestrians with his car in the German city of Trier at the end of 2020 has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The 52-year-old attacker must also be placed in a psychiatric institution, according to the Trier court.

On that fatal day, the German drove through downtown in an SUV at high speed. He hit dozens of people over a distance of hundreds of meters. Five people were killed: a 45-year-old father and his baby, and three women aged 25, 52 and 73.

The court finds proven that the man is guilty of murdering the five people killed, and he has also been convicted of attempted murder of eighteen others.


Dozens of witnesses were heard before the trial. For them, the attack was a traumatic experience: they saw how the man deliberately drove into pedestrians and that people flew through the air.

They still suffer from reexperiences, and remember the screams of that day, according to the DPA news agency.

A psychiatric expert has found that the perpetrator suffers from paranoid delusional schizophrenia. At the time of the attack, he was single and unemployed and had no fixed residence address. According to the prosecutor, he was frustrated with his personal circumstances. He remained silent throughout the entire process.

The man is first placed in the clinic, where he is likely to be treated for years. Should he ever be declared healed, he will be in a regular prison.

Watch the footage taken of the mans arrest below: