Life time for IS fighter in Germany for genocide on Yesidi minority

A former IS fighter from Iraq has been sentenced in Germany to a life sentence for involvement in genocide on the Jazidis. He has also been convicted of murdering a 5-year-old Jazidi girl. It is the first time someone has been found guilty of genocide on the Jezidi, an ethnic and religious minority group living in northern Iraq in particular.

This is the moment that Jazidis have been waiting for, said lawyer Amal Clooney, who assists the girl‘s mother, about the ruling. To finally hear a judge say that what happened was genocide after seven years. And to see how a man is tried for killing a Jezidi girl because she was Jezidi.


In 2015, now 29-year-old Taha Al-Jumailly in Iraq, together with his German ex-wife, bought a Jezidi wife and her child. The couple kept them as slaves. Because the girl allegedly urinated in bed, he tied her in a courtyard as punishment. There he let the preschooler die of thirst in the scorching sun.

His ex-wife, Jennifer W., was sentenced to ten years in prison in Munich last month for doing nothing to prevent her husband from letting the girl crepe. The girl’s mother, who survived captivity, witnessed both lawsuits.

Reign of terror

Al-Jumailly is said to have joined the terrorist organization Islamic State in 2013. The Frankfurt judge found him guilty of involvement in the deaths of more than 3,000 Yazidis and enslaving 7000 Yazidi women and girls. This happened in 2014 and 2015 when terror group IS held a reign of terror in parts of Syria and Iraq.

The man was arrested in Greece in 2019 and extradited to Germany. Today‘s ruling is the very first worldwide confirmation by a court that IS’s crimes against the Jezidi minority are genocide, said Meike Olszak of the German branch of human rights organization Amnesty International.