Lifetime for American millionaire talking by his mouth

78-year-old American millionaire Robert Durst has been sentenced to life imprisonment in California, with no chance of early release. Last month he was found guilty by a jury of the murder of a close friend of his in 2000.

According to the court, the girlfriend, Susan Berman, was shot dead by Durst for telling the police that she helped cover up the murder of Dursts wife in 1982. After Kathleen Dursts disappearance, she would have provided him with an alibi.

Microphone on

Durst, a scion of a rich American real estate genus, was arrested in a hotel in New Orleans in 2015, following the HBO documentary The Jinx, the Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

During an interview for the series, Durst had gone to the toilet without realizing that his pinned microphone was still on. In front of the mirror, he muttered to himself: โ€œWhat the hell did I do? Kill them all, of course.โ€

Prosecutors say that came down to a confession. A letter from Durst to his girlfriend Berman in 1999 also provided evidence.


The prosecutors portrayed Durst during the trial as a wealthy narcissist who feels the law does not apply to him and who relentlessly disappears people who stand in his way.

The prosecutors previously underlined the importance of the HBO documentary for Dursts prosecution. โ€œIf they hadnt done those interviews, we wouldnt be where we are,โ€ said Chief Prosecutor John Lewin.

The documentary shows the seven-year investigation of three unsolved murders and was made with Dursts full cooperation. The film All Good Things is also about the eccentric life of the millionaire.

Dursts lawyers appeal the life sentence imposed.