Lifetime for assault army nightclub Istanbul

The Turkish court imposed a life sentence on the man who committed an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve 2017.

The Kyrgyz Uzbek Abdoelkadir Masharipov shot 39 people during a New Year’s party at the exclusive Reina nightclub. Among the dead were 25 foreigners, including seven Saudi. 79 people were injured.

The assassination army was arrested two weeks later, after which he declared to have acted on behalf of the terrorist organisation IS. The attack was said to be an act of revenge for the Turkish military involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Surveillance footage showed how the Uzbek brook entered the nightclub while shooting:

Masjaripov was convicted of membership of a terrorist organisation, murder and attempts to overthrow the rule of law. In total he was sentenced to forty life sentences. That corresponds to the demand of the Turkish public prosecutor’s office.

An IS commander who was said to have helped prepare for the attack was killed by the U.S. Army in Syria in April 2017