“Lightweight subscription” test for YouTube — Premium Lite

Google has started testing Premium Lite‘s lightweight premium subscription for YouTube, which allows the service to be viewed at an affordable price without ads. The YouTube Premium subscription is now available around the world, including in Russia. It allows you to watch videos without ads, upload them to watch without a network connection, listen to the background, and enjoy the benefits of YouTube Music.

Premium Lite will only offer you to disable ads, but at a reduced price, is not a bad option for those who don’t like other basic subscription features. Light is now being tested in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The main subscription costs 1050 rubles (199 roubles in Russia), while Light costs 600 rubles. More on the Game Architecture PS5 called the SSD it chose to expand the memory Bungie and Ubisoft teamed up against cheat makers in court Halo Infinite Dataminers found an example battle royal mode.